Limlim was born in 2006 and sadly passed away in 2021. Named for King of Alalakh, Yarim-Lim, the team adopted her from Atchana village. She was the oldest of all dogs and the most fierce.


Hattuş the kangal was born in 2008, currently 13 years old. In his younger days, he was famous for his escapes into the village. He was named for the Hittite King Hattushili and was adopted from a village in Ankara with his sister, Fatoş.


Fatoş the kangal was born in 2008 and sadly passed away in 2021. She was known to be the laziest of all the dogs and extremely keen on food. She and her brother, Hattuş, were adopted from a village in Ankara.


Mimi the kangal was found covered in ticks and flees in 2015 at the site, and the team brought her home and adopted her. She was named for İdrimi, king of Alalakh. As a puppy, she loved to steal shoes to chew on. She is 6 years old.


Giya the 1 year old labrador is the newest dog. Her name comes from the Hurrian “Tagiya”, a personal name attested on tablets from the site. She is doing her best at being a guard dog and is learning from the older dogs.