Müge Bulu joined the Tell Atchana, Alalakh Excavations in 2010 as a graduate student. She works at the project as a senior pottery specialist and is currently the Assistant Director in charge of ceramic studies. She also works as a pottery specialist at Toprakhisar Höyük Excavations conducted by Hatay Archaeological Museum and responsible for the analysis of the 2nd millennium BC ceramics of the Amuq Valley Regional Project.

She received her B.A. from Bilkent University, Department of Archaeology and History of Art, and her M.A. and Ph.D. from Koç University, Department of Archaeology and History of Art. She interpreted the organization and function of a palace kitchen context from Middle Bronze Age Alalakh as her M.A. thesis, and obtained her Ph.D. in 2021 with her dissertation entitled The Production and Consumption of Syro-Cilician Ware at Tell Atchana, Alalakh: A Technological and Functional Analysis.

Her research interests include the reconstruction of pottery production technologies through a combined methodology of macroscopic and archaeometric analyses (especially ceramic petrography), how pottery production was organized at an intra-site and regional scale as well as the appreciation and consumption of ceramics through contextual and functional analysis.