Mariacarmela Montesanto completed her PhD in 2018 at the University of Liverpool on the Iron Age pottery material from Tell Atchana, Alalakh. She has been a member of the Tell Atchana Excavations team since 2014, and she is currently working on the analysis of the Late Bronze Age I pottery from Area 3. She worked as a Post-Doctoral Research Associate at Durham University within the project “Death and Demographics: Comparing Settlement and Burial Records in the Ancient Near East,” comparing burial trends across the Levant and Northern Mesopotamia from the 4th millennium BC to the 1st millennium BC. She is currently working as a Post-Doctoral Research Associate at Durham University as part of the project “Did British tin sources and trade make Bronze Age Europe?”, where she is in charge of building the GIS database of metals, settlements, and tin sources from Cornwall and Devon and performing remote sensing, spatial, and density analyses to identify patterns and possible sources of tin in southwest England. Her research expertise spans from pottery analysis and the Late Bronze Age and Iron Age in the Northern Levant to GIS modelling, spatial analyses, archaeological databases and legacy data, material culture, and landscapes of the ancient Near East and Europe.